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Biodynamic Agriculture

An organic farm is much more than using certain methods & substances while avoiding others.  It is a way of life, using the biodiversity & recycling process.

Organic Agriculture

Majestic Fruits practice of Organic farming is a structure that mimics the structure of a natural system having the integrity, haleness, and interdependence of organisms.

  • Let us protect the environment
  • Go green, use biodegradables
  • Preserve it the way it was
  • No chemicals, No fumes!
  • We owe it to the world
  • Fresh air, fresh water, fresh soil!
  • Welcomes new life to the earth
  • Fill the earth with greens

Careers in Organic Farming

call +1 819 510 5454 or email us at career@majesticfruitsca.com

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Life @ Majestic Fruits

Independent Farming

We practice farming cycles, from soil to produce food, and food waste to produce manure for enriched soils.

Soilless Farming

Majestica Fruits farms in light of modern agriculture use water and air as a means of soilless farming, to prevent soil depletion.

Improved Farming

Gone are the days of farming with crude or primitive tools, We at Majestic Fruits farm with mechanized tools.

Environmental Hygiene

Environmental hygiene is of its essence on a farm in order to ensure the production of healthy foods and produce.

The Frederick's family has been farming these same 200 acres since 1980. And, while apples are our signature crop, we also grow Sunflower, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, sweet corn, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, cucumbers, and pumpkins!


62 Weatherhead Rd, Upper Rawdon, NS B0N2N0
Phone: (782) 482-1142
Fax: +1 (2) 345 6789

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