Our Service in the Production of Crops

See & Taste the Difference!

Farmfresh Fruits

We provide fruits that are organically grown to give a great taste, essential nutrients, and vitamins.

Organic Vegetables

Our  “Home Grown” vegetables are planted using organic farming methods for best benefit.

Healthy Herbs

Herbs are of their essence,  they are key ingredients to good health, that’s why we provide them.

Citric Fruits

The Citrus Family is the Prime and Royalty of fruits, this is our own opinion at Majestic Fruits.

Organic Farms
Organic Products
We pave the way for a green world!

Going green is natural!

Organic farming is much more than choosing not to use chemical pesticides, fertilizer and genetically modified organisms, and plant antibiotics.



Our fruits and veggies are sourced from breeds of good qualities, and diverse genes for the purpose of producing the desired results such as good taste, and flavor.

Mixed Farming

We practice farming cycles, from soil to produce food, and food waste to produce manure for enriched soils.  We better the environment and protect the soil from depleting .
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Farming in harmony with Nature

A Holistic way of Living

Agriculture feels instinctive when the resources applied to it also come from nature, we often experience a remarkable development in this way.


Crop Production

We stick to the production of fruits and vegetables because the majority of our essential nutrients come from fruits and vegetables and, of course, we also love what we produce.

Farmland Replenishment

In other to save the soil from depleting, we at Majestic Fruits, give back to the soil by mulching the soil and other processes to maintain the fertility and longevity of the soil.
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The Experts at Organic Farming

Agriculture Specialists in Service

Career in Organic Farming?

Are you interested in working in Organic Farming and you have no education or experience, or you are an Agriculturist, Botanist, or Environmentalist looking forward to an advancement in your career? Come work with us at Majestic Fruits.

The Frederick's family has been farming these same 200 acres since 1980. And, while apples are our signature crop, we also grow Sunflower, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, nectarines, sweet corn, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions, cucumbers, and pumpkins!


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Phone: (782) 482-1142
Fax: +1 (2) 345 6789

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